About us

The company “Braća Tomašević” D.O.O. has existed and operated in the field of hospitality industry since 1989. It is a small, family company whose founders and owners are brothers Vukosav and Miloš Tomašević. The production of fruit brandy is decades old, one could even say a centuries-old family tradition. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the grandfather of the owner of the company, a prominent merchant from Prijepolje, housefather and patriot Vukosav Tomašević was engaged in the production and trade of brandy. As a registered producer of brandy, “Braća Tomašević” D.O.O. appears on the market in 2010 with the Ognjena brand.

In the production program, the Ognjena brand offers:

– brandies: plum, apple, quince, apricot, Williams pear, wild pear, raspberry, blackberry, vine

– special brandies: honey, herbal, gentian, mint, St. John’s wort

– liqueurs: raspberry, blackberry, cherry, walnut, cornel

Ognjena is a natural brandy, produced in the traditional way, according to the recipe of our ancestors. The best gift and the most original taste of the country of Serbia were obtained from the highest quality fruits, controlled by fermentation and double distillation in copper cauldrons. The distillery of the company is located on a family household in the village of Ivanje, 5 km from Prijepolje, where part of the fruit that is processed into brandy is also grown. The last annual production is over 10,000 liters of brandy, and the trend of increasing annual production will continue in the coming years. In accordance with the requirements of demand, multiple increases of previous production volumes are planned.